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Since 2015, we’ve been privileged to work with over 200 young people with convictions and youth at risk of offending on our programmes. 7 in 10 of our Transitional Employment Programme graduates did not re-offend within a year of completion, and 2 in 3 transitioned into employment.


Our flagship corporate repair clinics and employability programmes have been at the heart of this social impact.



Repair Clinics

29% of people have a smashed smartphone screen, yet three-quarters don’t repair them within six months because the high street or ‘send away’ options are too inconvenient. It’s a hassle!


That’s why we pioneered pop-up phone repair clinics, touring the UK’s largest corporates so that their employees could get on-the-spot repairs without having to leave their workplaces.


Repairs were conducted by the fantastic technicians we trained - all young people with convictions committed to working towards positive futures.


Backed by our mentoring and coaching, our technicians would repair with us for up to one year, developing the employability skills and pro-social values needed for the workplace, before transitioning into permanent employment in the wider economy.


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Employability Programmes

We took our craft to the grassroots, training groups of young people with convictions (and those ‘at risk’ of offending) on their estates to make cash positively through phone repair.


This took the form of our Bootcamp programme: a high-intensity course of repair masterclasses and team challenges that culminated in groups of budding repair entrepreneurs showcasing, marketing and selling their newly-developed phone repair services to the public via e-commerce and bust markets.


It’s through our Bootcamps that we nurtured new repair talent to staff our repair clinics, taking our young people from street to skyscraper.


Cambridge Social Innovation Prize Winner 2020



Coronavirus has changed the playing field - and we must change with it.

That’s why we’ve taken the bold decision to ‘achieve, not survive’ by pivoting all of our activity to incubating key legacy projects in the Cracked It Lab before closing our doors on 1st January 2020.

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