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Transitional Employment Network

We’ve established an active network of social enterprises that run transitional employment programmes.

This network was set up to serve as a space for knowledge exchange and collaboration throughout the COVID-19 recovery period and beyond.

The Network Aims


Build connections

The network is a place you can access peer support: sharing knowledge, resources and best practice


Collaborative working

Members solve problems and innovate together, using expertise to build capacity and collective strength

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Share experiences

Celebrating success is important - network members listen to each other’s stories and learn about the impact each social enterprise makes



The network acts as a strong voice on behalf of the people each social enterprise serves, and raising the profile of transitional employment organisations and their missions

Although Cracked It no longer plays an active part, the network is still very much alive.


Want to Join?

The network is for social enterprises across the UK who employ their beneficiaries as part of a transitional employment programme within their organisation, to support them enter the world of work.


There are no criteria based on beneficiaries: our common ground is that we all share a mission to empower and upskill the people we work with towards positive, fulfilling lives through employment.

Join the network
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